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Anti-Oppression + Racial Equity Consulting Firm based in Bozeman, Montana

You know that friend you have who you can trust will tell you the truth, even when it's hard to say and hard to hear?

And that same friend will sit beside you in those difficult moments, in kindness and non-judgmental accountability?

We are that friend. We are Level Equity Consultants.

At Level, we are truth-tellers and we do so with the intention of dismantling racism and white supremacy, capitalism/settler colonialism, and hetero-patriarchy.

Not sure what all of that means? Let's chat!

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Level Equity Consultants, LLC
PO Box 10841
Bozeman, Montana 59719-0841
United States

These conversations are hard, and we think they are a little easier with support from Level Equity Consultants.
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